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Nov 19, 2014
Nov 27, 2002
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January 13
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Southern California
Software Developer

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, Male, from Southern California

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Nov 19, 2014
    1. Buffbaud
      I am a new member. I posted a couple days ago. I tried to post today but the fourm says at the bottom that I am not allowed to post.
    2. Borpean
      I LOVE A Browns remark the best
    3. robertgordon
      I have made a logo and now I want to send it to a banner maker, But the banner maker says it cant be enlarged for a 3X5 bammer. How can I ingrease the pixels so it can be enlarged into a banner?
    4. daglenn

      I need the HotelDel fonts. Could you please help me with this? Thank you - Daglenn
    5. Lamo1graphic
      so you now censor me for a rant,jezz man lighten up whats going on marc this forum is going down hill rapidly .you dont respond to people nothing goes on and you censor till your hearts content what happened to free speech or is it a case of don't free speech in here

      all i did was state that there is nothing being done in the forum and all we see is bad rap on the software which is all wrong

      it depresses me to think that a good software like yours is getting a bad rap due to the inadequate customer support, i see katie spend best part of her time in the forum replying to people about there problems,i see people asking why you haven't replied to them in weeks, i understand that you may be busy but your not busy for weeks on end

      if you think i am wrong then i am sorry but from where i am sat this is all i see,i hardly come in the forum now cause i am sick of reading the same old complaints
    6. Denis
      Hi Marc. Does the affiliate program include the web templates? I could'nt find anything at Digital River for it. And since I sell websites that would be perfect.

    7. Lamo1graphic
      hi marc i need a unlock key for the software ?> please
    8. shamu
      Paypal payment charges extra?
      I wanted to buy Ad creator today but i didnt want the extended download service and so deleted it from order.

      This should have left me with 39.95 dollars to pay but when i went into paypal i noticed the amount had been adjusted to 45.94 dollars so i cancelled for now until i find out whats happening. Also i should have the 20% discount because i bought two of the products previously within the last 3 weeks and that didnt show up either.

      Anyone else had the same problem?
    9. rodenbaugh
      Installation HELP! says error code when installing software. Can someone assist me for installation for software I have paid for. Steve
    10. A Brown
      A Brown
      Hey you f-ball- Your affiliate program is F***ing great-- whose idea was THAT? Problem is-- you have it burried in your website that folks wont see it when they are drunk and surfing (which is when you want to hit them)

      Most of these F***ers come to your site looking to live vicariously through you- and now you have given them a profit sharing motive... but you burried it so far, I came upon it by accident-- put that Sh** out there-- everyone thinks they are a star-- and to make money off of your efforts-- they will work the magic!

      My question is... how did you come up with the ratio of payout? Cuz it looks generous.. and how can I make money off your a** like these f***ers who aren't even related to you...

      Serious-- great move and as usual-- you and I think in tandem-- bt since this is not about me, but about you, I will tell you someday how freaky it is that you and I are as much of twins as your boys... and I am hoping JCS is not a liberal F like you--- cuz initials mean alot...( but I heart Cody--)
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    January 13
    Home page:
    Southern California
    Software Developer
    My Name is Marc Sylvester
    I own and operate Laughingbird Software - home of The Logo Creator and The Web Graphics Creator