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Jan 15, 2015
Nov 27, 2002
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January 13
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Southern California
Software Developer

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, Male, from Southern California

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Jan 15, 2015
    1. ~Teresa~
      hello im a new member and new to this site.. where can i go to get help or will you be willing to lead me in the right direction
    2. richinri
      I have NEVER been able to read responses to my own posts with it saying I don't have permission. Now I can't see any posts saying I don't have permissions. I can't download with it saying I don't have permissions. I have submitted COUNTLESS emails here and on Facebook to get this resolved and it never does. What the hell is going on?
    3. Rajsenior
      I found that ... just need to save as transparent PNG ... sorry to disturb Marc
    4. Rajsenior
      Hello Marc .. Greetings
      Thanks and congrats for new update ...:)
      can you please tell me how to make a logo with no background ?
    5. wacki56
      Hey Marc,

      Hope all is well with you and yours.
      The new Forum layour and scheme look great! One question though, how come I am unable to view the MOD section as well as the active area's? or is this the wrong Forum :(
    6. Zoltar
      Greetings !!

      I have been a Logo Creator customer for more then 8 years !
      Unfortunately my computer crashed and, of course, I cant find the cd anymore .... Marc, can you help me with a FREE download??

      Thanks in advance,

    7. dee.herfel
      Marc, love the corporate logo creator, but no key code in confirmation email;invoice; or spam; or findmyorder; up against a print dead line and really need the code for full product function. Help
      Dee Herfel
      order #5942762614
    8. Lamo1graphic
      hi marc
      can you remove member (ghij014 ) for spamming

      thanks graham
    9. BuckNrut
      I purchased the mega pak and it seems to be missing the Web 2.0, Alphabet ect. Any help would be appreciated.

      Order Date: May 16, 2009 6:00:57 PM

      I have posted a message in the forum also and sent an email to
    10. nexstep
      Hi Marc, just purchased the MEGApak logo creator, the price said 189 with a red slash thru it and a sale price of 129.95...says it has all of the paks with it, but I didn't get the alpahabet or web 2.0...would really like to use them...please advise...

      NexStep Innovations
    11. RichiesRich
      Can you help me? I've sent you several messages..........
      Hi Marc, My name is Richie Collins and I purchased The Logo Creator back in Feb 2008 and has since had a very bad virus on my computer and I lost everything on it. And now I am trying to get my LICENSE/Registration number for my TLC software because I only have 6 days left on the trial software and I have a lot of graphic work to do and time is running out on me. I also purchased several other packages from you. Can you help me? I've sent you several messages, I know you are very busy, and the site that you have set to help customers with retrieving regristration numbers has no record of my TLC purchase. I am frustrated!

      I was the one from the TLC forum who told you that a eBayer was selling TLGC on eBay. Now I need my key to unlock my software and I would like to restore all the other software that I purchase too. Can you help me with this? Waiting to hear from you.

      Richie Collins
    12. Duke
      Hi Marc

      Ive sent you a couple of messages, one about the Web 2.0 and another about affiliate/reselling your software. did you get them?

    13. slimgem11
      Hey Marc,

      I made a paypal purchase on March 7th "Logo Creator" is my email. I need help on activation.

    14. KYLE ANN
      KYLE ANN
      I am just trying to get a key code and it is frustrating. I've spent way more time trying to get to someone. It's ridiculous! You're good at selling the product, just lousey at follow through. Kyle 800-606-0623
    15. agent007
      hi Marc,
      did u get my pm?
      what r u doing about it?
    16. blackknight
      Hi there Marc. Just dropped by and saw you here. Congrats! Nice new look. I really, really like this. Awesome. You must be busy. Later,
    17. sfm
    18. Wicked
      blorca message there below mine Marc is in relvance with FAC. He had some fonts showing foreign characters in the preview of the ad but once exported converted back to the standard english character. I was unaware of the softwares capability to handle this because of its vast difference in export compared to TLC..
    19. blorca
      Marc, I have a strange problem that I hope you can resolve.
      First of all this is what Wicked wrote:

      We have eliminated a possible font issue then. ... It sounds like there may be a software limitation ... Since the application software is english based it only supports the english characters. Though you can create these characters on an english keyboard they are still foreign to the english language. Now as far as I go this is the first time I have addressed this issue with this particular software. In your case for further clarification I woud suggest you contact Marc (laughingbird) by using the link I provided for you below. He would have a better idea of the softwares ability in that department.

      Me: All letters with an accent are dropped during the export and some even in the preview.
      I love your software because of it diversity and easy use, but the ads I create are mainly in Spanish and German, and some French.
      Can you please help?

      Kind regards,
    20. rstcomp
      Marc, I was introduced to your software many years ago by Les Borne when he lived in Florida and spent many hours in my computer store. Les moved a few years ago back to Ireland and I was wondering if you had an address for him (email). I am trying to reach him to do some work. If you have any information, please contact me at Thanks, Rebecca Doremus, RST Computer Services, Inc. Holly Hill, FL
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    January 13
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    Southern California
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    My Name is Marc Sylvester
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