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At Laughingbird Software, we just love entrepreneurs, small business and new ideas!

That’s why all of our software is made for people just like you: You may have limited time, money or help, but still you strive for success every day.

For us, success means creating easy-to-use software with a low price. For you, that means getting tools you need to run an online business successfully.

We'll even give you step-by-step videos to help you along the way.

And, we’re always here to answer questions or share ideas through Laughingbird's forum, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, not to mention our software support link.

Laughingbird Software has been creating helpful software since 2001 and our goal is still the same:  To help your small business look professional and succeed.

Marc and Lisa SylvesterWay back in 2001, Marc Sylvester created the very first logo design software, The Logo Creator. He and his business partner (and wife!), Lisa, have spent the years since updating and developing new software out of their home while raising 3 kids and squashing the chaos that comes with it.

Although it hasn’t always been easy, they’ve enjoyed the flexibility and control they’ve had over their lives and wouldn’t trade it, even for one night of blissful sleep without logos dancing in their heads.

Along with their passion for Laughingbird Software comes a desire to show others what they need to run a successful online business, easily and inexpensively.

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  • Damon Lyons

    Reply Reply March 5, 2014


    I came across your website on a page reviewing logo desin tools. The site mentioned you had a free trial. I could not find that on your website here. Is that still available, or has that trial test period been discontinued?
    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards,

    Damon Lyons
    Techlantic Ltd

    • admin

      Reply Reply March 5, 2014

      Hi there Damon.
      Nice to hear from you.

      Yes, I do have a trial version, but it hasn’t been sent around the web.
      A few more days. … the trial version is new 🙂

      Here’s a direct link for you:

      Let me know if this helps!
      I’ll be here if you have any questions.


  • Max Liebermanan

    Reply Reply March 30, 2014

    Hi Marc, great-looking family. You are are not old. I’m! I just got a new Mac, and trying to move some of the old programs to it. For some reason, I cannot find them. I recall I had the logo creator, (downloaded your new version) got the Business card Creator, had the People Pak, and Facebook thing. I like to add few things, but the Web Graphics Creator, (does it work on word press?) Product Poppers I am interested in. Make me an offer please, Max.

  • Alec K

    Reply Reply April 8, 2014

    Your software looks amazing! I really want to try it out first, but the trial links don’t seem to be working for the Mac version. Is there a trial for that version?

  • Dennis Goen

    Reply Reply June 3, 2014

    I also was looking for the trial version and unsuccessful. I always like to try before I buy. One question I have is how well do the SWF graphics work in Power Point. Another question is it a one time fee or annual subscription. Wasn’t clear when checking out the products.You got some great stuff that looks very useful.

    • Glenn Cuneo

      Reply Reply April 16, 2015

      There is never a “subscription”– the SWF’s work fine in Powerpoint!

  • Carl

    Reply Reply June 4, 2014

    Wondering if there is a Mac Trial version. Thanks

    • admin

      Reply Reply June 5, 2014

      Hi Carl.
      Thanks for the post… Yes! Type this into Google:

      “the logo creator trial version”

      Then take your pick at the sites that are hosting this 🙂

  • Arie van Wingerden

    Reply Reply July 31, 2014

    Hello Marc,

    Great software!
    Is there a discount when i buy 4 or 5 products at once?

    the Netherlands

    • Glenn Cuneo

      Reply Reply March 15, 2015

      I’m sorry, but “bulk discounts” are never given. It is a requested feature. Quite often something like “The Business Card Creator” add on pack is bundled with The Logo Creator.

    • Glenn Cuneo

      Reply Reply April 16, 2015

      Bulk discounts for such purchases are never offered.

  • Eddy

    Reply Reply October 1, 2014

    Hello Marc,

    Your Logo software looks interesting and friendly too. I have a few question though.
    Can I install the software on more than one Mac for a single purchase, as I have a laptop and desktop?
    Do you sell the CD?
    If not, what happens if the software gets corrupted or whatever and I need to re-install it, how does it work?

    thank you,


    • Glenn Cuneo

      Reply Reply April 16, 2015

      Cd’s have not been offered for a few years now.

      To redownload: you now log into your member area!

  • Mine' Hakim

    Reply Reply November 11, 2014

    hey Marc:
    i just created this really cool Powtoon video. all the images were first completed in Logo Creator then exported to Powtoon
    Here is the link. Enjoy!

    thanks so much for your generosity in pointing us in this direction

  • karl

    Reply Reply January 11, 2015

    Dear Marc,

    I have been searching for a free logo software for my new business. If i download the trial version of the logo software, would I have full ownership of my logo?
    I am planning to copyright the logo so people can’t use it.

    Thank you


    • Glenn Cuneo

      Reply Reply March 15, 2015

      That’s a very good question! Yes, you would have full ownership. You would have to edit a logo, to make it your own.

    • Glenn Cuneo

      Reply Reply April 16, 2015

      Yes. The trial version only works for 30 days….

  • charlotte

    Reply Reply January 12, 2015

    Hi there,

    I pais last week for the full version, but I still have the preview version on my computer. How can I update? I download the full version 10 times already but I still have the preview.

    Thanks for your quick feedback.

    • Glenn Cuneo

      Reply Reply March 15, 2015

      Hello! I’m just going through all the old messages and came across yours. If you still need help with this please submit a support request!

    • Glenn Cuneo

      Reply Reply April 16, 2015

      !. Rename your LAUGHINGBIRD DOCUMENTS FOLDER. Just add OLD to the front of it.
      2. Reinstall The Logo Creator.
      3. TADA!

  • paul costelloe

    Reply Reply April 11, 2015

    hi marc,
    i bought logo maker a while back and have not yet had a chance to give it a go. got your e-mail this morning and took a look. gave me motivation…
    i did notice that your home page seems to lack the state you are in ….. actually you seem to be in a pretty good state…nice family, keeping busy…
    but even though i might guess california, may be right, may be wrong.
    anyway, i imagine you are busy and didn’t notice it … but since i did, i thought i’d mention it.
    i’m sure we’ll be in touch.
    be well,
    from western massachusetts

    • admin

      Reply Reply April 11, 2015

      Hi Paul!

      … California! 😀
      You hit it.

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